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Posted on June 27, 2024 by admin

By Mail: Detailers Paradise, LLC Customer Service Department
1745 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210-4300 
By Email: For General Inquiries, Questions About Ordering and Comments: [email protected] 
For Product Assistance and Technical Problems [email protected]
By Phone:(303) 722-5107(800) 405-9970 
By Fax:(303) 722-5108 

Detailers Paradise is dedicated to customer care! 

In order to do our job well, we need your input.  Please contact us at anytime to let us know about your shopping experience with us.  We gladly welcome critiques of our processes, service and products. 

Whenever a few or more of our customers suggest a change, we’ll make that change (as long as it’s logically and financially feasible, of course). 

We exist because of our customers.